Weird Interactions and Halloween Costumes

One of the cool things about having an agent(!!!) is that my friends and family feel compelled to brag about me.  I’m okay with this.  But it does lead to some weird conversations sometimes.  I’m pretty sure that a lot of writers have experienced something like this.Read More »


What Writing is Like

This book I have not yet written one word of is a thing of indescribable beauty, unpredictable in its patterns, piercing in its color, so wild and loyal in nature that my love for this book, and my faith in it as I track its lazy flight, is the single perfect joy in my life.  It is the greatest novel in the history of literature, and I have thought it up, and all I have to do is put it down on paper and then everyone can see this beauty that I see.Read More »

I’m in Disney

For the Food and Wine festival as well as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party so no interesting post today. Instead, have some pictures of the food we’ve eaten so far.

A very nice cast member gave this to me because I was dressed as Minnie.
Kevin eating the world’s biggest hot dog.

Two Weeks of Grown Up Work

That’s how long I’ve been getting up every morning, stretching, sorting out breakfast, and then sitting down to edit.  For someone who’s never held a real job (except part-time stints doing office work and at Target) that’s been weird.

I still don’t do it 40 hours a week because my attention span and posture don’t hold out that long, but I manage 25-30.   I’ve ordered a ridiculously fancy zaisu so I’m not sitting on pillows against a bookcase anymore.  My elbow and wrist would thank me in advance, except they’re too busy screaming at me for my bad posture.  (Things you learn when you actually work!  My wrist is a whiny baby.)Read More »