Who and Why

My mom’s favorite story from my childhood is a first grade assignment where I had to count the number of books I owned.  She likes to say “When you came out with the number 112 we knew it was time to visit the library.”

That pretty much set the stage for my life.  (I also like the second half of the story, where I read the entire fantasy, sci fi, and children’s sections of our local library and started on the romance catalog.  We went back to the bookstore.)

Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be an author; somewhere in my mom’s house there are stacks of notebooks that I filled while in school with scenes, story ideas, and plotlines.   I dictated my first story to a babysitter at four years old- The Secret Unicorn.

In college I told myself that it was time to grow up, that writers never made any money, and that I had to choose something sensible.  A degree in sociology and half a master’s in psychology later, I’m back putting pen to paper.


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