The Canine Conspiracy

As the entire world knows (because I can’t stop talking about it), I recently began fostering kittens for Orange County Animal Services.  Since we began, I’ve learned a lot about cats (and I mean A LOT) and one thing has become abundantly clear.

They’ve been subjected to a massive, international conspiracy.

From our foster instagram @smallworldfosters
From our foster Insta @SmallWorldFosters

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My Collection

For the whole of my life I’ve been “the book girl,” as in, “You know, Bess. The one who reads all the time?” When I downsized my book collection from over 2,000 to under 600, I also went through a bit of an identity crisis. Am I still me without the number one identifier people have used to pinpoint who I am?

That crisis was eventually resolved by moving to Florida where my library delivers books to my door by the dozen.

During the book purge, when most of my collection went to donations, Kevin asked “What about those? Are you going to stop collecting them?”


T’challa, our newest foster.

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My Favorite Writing Blogs

When you’re a writer, there are a LOT of people who want to give you advice. A lot of that advice contradicts each other, although that doesn’t actually make it bad. It just means that not all advice is for everyone. Part of the learning process is figuring out which advice works for you and what you can safely ignore.

I try to absorb as much info as I can, on the principle that it can’t hurt to get as many different perspectives as possible. It can get overwhelming, especially in the bad old days when I was still trying to find my feet and listened to everyone all the time. As with anything else, once I had read enough and got more practiced at sorting out the useful from the not-for-me it got easier to find the writers who really made sense to me.

Over time I’ve curated a collection of blogs that I find to have the most diverse–and useful–advice for me. YMMV, of course, but in no particular order, here are the top blogs on my weekly reading list:

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The Magic of Adderall

(Technically, I’m on dextroamphetamine, which is like Adderall’s twin brother.)

Currently my usually very calm life (No commute, no kids, husband who does most of the cooking) has gotten a lot more complicated. We added Squeaker, of course, and have also developed a friend group here in Orlando (who’d have thought?), and don’t even get me started on our current foster (I just picked him up today. He’s adorable. See him @smallworldfosters on Instagram).

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Our Kitten Foster System

Thanks to our Squeaker, Kevin and I got into fostering. I took the training at Orange County Animal Services and we jumped in with both feet.

I thought it might be interesting to go through our system when we take in a new kitten. So far, we’ve fostered two solo kittens and done overnight babysitting for a couple other foster parents in the system, but we’ve started developing a set of steps for how to manage each newcomer.Read More »

I’m Back!

I know it’s been an age since I posted. If consistency is the key to being a good blogger, I’m in trouble.

But now I’ve got a secret weapon.

No, it’s not kittens. Contrary to popular opinion, cats are not helpful to the writing process. Which is a shame.

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Managing Mediocre Mental Health

As everyone knows, I have anxiepression and, it turns out, ADHD.  I’ve only just started on the road to learning how to manage ADHD, but by this point I’m an old hand at the anxiety-depression combo. There are always surprises, but by and large I think I’ve got a good idea how to manage it during good times and bad.

Tip one: stay hydrated (I use these bottles as reusable, then recycle them, don’t worry.)

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