Things I Learned about Photos


Photo by Babs Who Takes Pictures

(Forgive the photo quality; it’s off Facebook.  Babs takes GORGEOUS pictures.  I’m using the fanciest version of this for our holiday cards this year.)

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MISTI-con Recap

This post is later then expected because, as it turns out, you need at least a day to recover from the world’s best convention. Honestly I’m still not quite there but I’m too hyped not to share my experiences with y’all.

My wanted poster and Kevin’s school ID.  Why do they always wait until you’re distracted?

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MISTI is this week!

Kevin, I, and our carpool buddy are leaving a little before lunch on Wednesday to split the drive up to New Hampshire over two days.  This means we should be there for Every.  Single.  Panel.  I’m so excited, y’all.

Packing is turning out to be more interesting than it has in the past.  Not only are we taking twice as many articles of clothing (since Kevin’s coming with this year; I’m so stoked) but we also have a number of special outfits that we’re bringing.

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The 5-3-1 Rule

I was first introduced to the 5-3-1 rule at an anime convention in college.  No idea when the concept was invented, but that was my introduction.

Anyway, as I was perusing the con’s schedule I discovered a full-page notice, recommending that all attendees follow the 5-3-1 to prevent the spread of avian flu.  (I think it was avian flu.  It was either that or swine flu.  Whichever it was, places with lots of people were very concerned about it spreading.)  Below the big, scary letters they outlined what 5-3-1 actually meant.Read More »

My first cosplay

For those of you who don’t spend your lives buried in fabric and reference photos, cosplay is the art of dressing like a character.  Basically, Halloween at other times of the year.

Some cosplay is simple, like putting on an Ironman t-shirt and play gloves.  Other cosplayers spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars crafting loving tributes to their favorite characters.

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