What’s going on here?

A few years ago my mom and I discovered the TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.”  It took me about two seasons before I discovered that the show is based on a book series.

I’ve been devouring the books (seriously, I just reread and reread them.  The characters are so engaging!) over the past several months, sometimes in order and sometimes just picking up whichever one strikes my fancy.

One of the books, Ruddy Gore surrounds a mystery at a theater.  It also introduces Phryne’s long-term lover, Lin Chung.

During a conversation between Phryne and her companion (Dot) about Lin, something weird happens.  I can’t tell if it’s something that got missed in editing, I’m misreading it, or what, but this conversation definitely doesn’t make sense to me:

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Pancakes to Cruise Director

Since we have guests staying this week Kevin and I had to do some major grocery shopping over the weekend.  Due to things (having been out of town, mostly) we didn’t end up getting to the grocery store until about 9:30 at night on Saturday.

While we were there we needed to get a chicken but the chicken display was empty.  We asked a nearby employee if he could help us find a chicken and he literally ran across the store to find people to ask because whoever he was trying to call wasn’t picking up.

Because he went so above and beyond to help us I left a compliment with the managers on duty. As I did, one laughed and muttered to the other “he gets so many compliments.”

That reminded me of my first-ever cruise.

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One of my biggest struggles in the year since we moved from Hawaii to to the mainland is knowing when to put on sunscreen.

In Hawaii it was super easy- every day. All the time. No excuses.

Back on the east coast there is a sunscreen season. Namely, summer. But when does sunscreen season actually start?

Turns out, this weekend.

Yup, I went to part of the Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) and came home with a nose like Rudolph’s (thanks, Kevin!) and the complexion of a tomato. Luckily I was wearing long sleeves and jeans. It could have been worse.

And while we were still in Hawaii we visited family back on the mainland and I got sun poisoning on a cloudy day and spent the evening miserable. But on the island I was diligent and never burned.

Possibly the weirdest part of this whole thing is that I grew up in Virgina. So it’s not like I’m not used to sunscreen season. But living near the equator clearly spoiled me for thinking critically about the seasons.

The COOLEST candy

This weekend Kevin and I went into Annapolis and wandered around.  We went to Lolli & Pops (a real-life Honeydukes) and I picked up this intriguing box from the Japanese section:

The purchase

I love food that looks like other food.  Those “trick” cupcakes that look like mashed potatoes and chicken?  My favs.  I expected this to be a gummi bento box, but it was so, so much more.

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Life is Quiet

I was hoping to have an interesting post this week but all I’m doing is working on material to send out for publisher querying!  BUT this weekend I’ll be going to a ceilidh dance so I promise I’ll get a few picture from that.