Picking Comps

As I put together the querying information for my agent(!!!) I panicked over a bunch of the things she needed.  One of them was a list of comps, or comparable titles.  Publishing Crawl Podcast talks about comps a lot when they talk about queries so I knew they were important, but how on earth do you pick them?  Basically all I knew was that you should never pick the 1% of authors to use as a comp (So J.K. Rowling and Stephen King are right out, for example) because everyone does that and no one believes them.  (Usually with good reason.  “It has magic” does not make your book like Harry Potter.  Rejected query blogs are fun to read.)

So, as I always do when I’m freaking out and inside my head too much about something to do with writing, I turned to my friend who works in publishing.  She has this magical ability to become an expert on whatever she’s doing at any given point in time, so as long as my question is in her field she has an answer.

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Pub(lishing) Crawl is awesome

As you all know, my biggest fear is that I’ll fail to do something properly during the marketing part of being an author and my books will fail and I will be laughed out of literary circles from now until forever.

I don’t tend to like Podcasts; for some reason they just can’t hold my attention.  But there is one that I listen to whenever I have an appropriate moment (doing dishes, working out, or mowing the lawn, usually).  And that is the one for Publishing Crawl.Read More »

Life is Quiet

I was hoping to have an interesting post this week but all I’m doing is working on material to send out for publisher querying!  BUT this weekend I’ll be going to a ceilidh dance so I promise I’ll get a few picture from that.

Happy end of the holidays!

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to say, but you have to admit- sometimes its nice to reach the end of the holiday season.

Kevin and I always split the week between Christmas and New Year’s evenly so Christmas is with my folks and New Year’s Eve is with his.  (It’s nice to not have to split the holidays themselves.  I hear some wild stories.)

I also made a Christmas pudding.

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My favorite charities Part Four

This one is particulaly near and dear to my heart.  You’re lucky this is via computer and not paper or there’d be an embarassing number of tear stains.


My dad had cancer.  And then the cure for that cancer gave him cancer.  The cancer that the cancer cure gave him killed him.  Cancer sucks.

While we were dealing with the second cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukemia, for those of you who like details) the bills began to get on top of us.  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society stepped in and helped us pay for some of it.  And when we couldn’t find a bone marrow donor that was compatible with my dad in the family LLS helped connect us with Be the Match, which helped us organize bone marrow donor registration drives.  (It’s free to register through a drive!  And painless!  All you have to do is swab your mouth.)

LLS does a lot of really important work from supporting people with cancer to funding research to end the aformentioned cancers.  My family would have struggled a lot more without them.

There are lots of ways to help LLS.  You can donate money, volunteer, harass government officials into spending more money on cancer research, or take part in a fundraising activity like Light the Night.